Last year as part of our “2014 Planning” we added a brick machine as one of our goals.  We were looking for ways to cut the cost of building homes in Nicaragua while still being able to provide safe and strong homes.  We were on the hunt for a brick machine that would produce up to a 1,000 bricks a day and would provide us the bricks we needed to build but also help create jobs for the local friends we were working with.

It’s important to note this goal was for 2014 and we had no idea how we were going to reach it or even begin to raise funds for it.  Well, before 2013 was even over we were told it was taken care of.  Completely.  100% funded.  WHAT???

On Christmas Eve, The People’s Church in Franklin, TN blessed us and blew our mind at the same time.  A few weeks later I got a call from the mission’s pastor, Ken Morris and he let us know that they had the funds and he was ready to get it to us.  A day later, we received the check and the next day we bought the machine.

How amazing is that?  I put limits on God all the time, I’m just glad he ignores the limits I set for him!

Well the machine has been sitting for almost a month and a half-  shipping to Nicaragua isn’t easy.  As a matter of fact… we know, first hand from our partners, that it takes a lot of bribing fees and taxes to get it in the country.  Since we aren’t using it to start a business or make money we thought, “no big deal!”.  Wrong.   It’s been a roller coaster!

Last Friday, I received an email from a group out of Pennsylvania who ships multiple non-profit containers each month to Nicaragua!  They had approved our shipment and now we are ready to get this machine to Nicaragua.  Again, limits raised.

So here we go!  Check out the map and keep up w/ the brick machine and getting it to Nicaragua!  Currently the machine is at the manufacturer in San Ysidro, New Mexico!  Next stop–  Ephrata, PA!